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Damn they trying to run #NouveauTavern out of River North! Chicago going to be the new front line soon!

MIXTAPE | "Catfish Aquarium" @HowieStackz 

Be sure to check out my boy @HowieStackz latest project Catfish Aquarium!

Conscious TV: We caught Blu ‘Live on-stage in New Orleans.’ @herfavcolor. #thesoundclash

About a week ago, LA hip hop artist Blu made his first ever appearance in New Orleans…

I switched it up a little bit! #beardgang well almost!

Feel like I am back in college! ##itsgoingtobealongnight #overtime (at Starbucks)

We must save the children!

(Source: Spotify)

Fillmore Harvard

(Source: youtube.com)

When Creatives Collide: Run You. 

You never know what can spark creativity, but see what happens when creativity flows downhill via Tonja aka Cheekie. Here’s how you take an idea and “run” with it.

I shoot and edited this film with some very creative people!

Refreshing morning ride! #bike #life #chicago #nobrakes!

Maywood what’s happening! I am in your neck of the Woods with #tanks and #tees! #Maywood

A Jam Session w/ The Foreign Exchange In New Orleans 

The best! #

We caught up w/ @FEOfficial for a quick jam session @Tipitinas in New Orleans.

A couple weeks back we had the opportunity to catch one of our favorite bands The Foreign Exchange…

Something for those down south getaways because lord knows the sun not shining that bright here in #Chicago! Nevertheless you’ll still me hot in one of these #tanks! #urban

Label time! #tanks #fh #fillmoreharvard #sale

Just learned tons of info about the boycott of Montgomery! A few principles we need to revisit today! #boycott #montgomery #mlkjr #rosaparks (at Troy University Rosa Parks Museum)

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